HFA Custom Art

Creating a safe and welcoming space for seniors

The Challenge

HFA Custom Art came to us for help with their client, a large long-term care network, who wanted to create a dividing system to keep residents safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. They were looking for a design that would enable residents in the same room to stay safely apart without adding to the burden of isolation many were already feeling.

The Solution

Working with HFA Custom Art, we came up with a flexible and secure frame structure that could be mobile or fixed in place. The dividing system created a physical barrier between residents for added safety during the pandemic, while the incorporated artwork ensured the barrier flowed smoothly with the surrounding areas and was pleasant and welcoming to look at.

The Partnership

This collaboration for the benefit of a very vulnerable population was based on a partnership with a common goal. By keeping both the staff’s needs and residents’ well-being in mind, we quickly mobilized to put art to work by pooling our strengths and innovative ideas. To date, we have produced over 1,200 barriers that are used across the care facility’s network.

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