Showcasing athletic sportswear

The Challenge

Adidas Canada was looking for a unique and impactful way to display their line of athletics and sportswear at stores in NAME OF CITIES.

The Solution

The DNS team worked with our partners at Adidas Canada to come up with the best solution for the display system they needed. We discussed the pros and cons of permanent versus semi-permanent displays, POP materials, and store fixtures and devised a system that enabled the brand to make the best use of their space, create brand awareness, and increase sales.

The Partnership

The success of this project lies in the close partnership between DNS and the Adidas Canada’s team of designers, merchants, and operations personnel. By working in collaboration from the start, DNS quickly grasped our client’s needs and gained a clear understanding of their brand and business. This enabled us to come up with an exceptional display system and store fixtures that met all our client’s brand and sales goals.