Store Fixtures

Store Fixtures Design & Build

At DNS Industries, we design and build store fixtures in-house, from a wide variety of materials and components, to fit your unique retail environment. We’ll make sure that the store (or restaurant, or clinic, or spa) fixtures we build for you focus on the best options for design, creativity, and processes for each of our customers to maximize your ROI.

Creating the right custom store fixtures for our clients means first and foremost listening and understanding the customer, their behaviors, desires and needs. You can count on our significant expertise, deep multi-industry knowledge, and technical know-how to produce the solutions you’re looking for. We have worked with multiple permanent materials including metal, wood, plastic, glass, print and electronics and understand every minute detail that goes into crafting a fixture that gets the job done.

Contact us to put you in touch with our team of in-house designers, engineers, and production specialists to get the ball rolling. They’ll work in close partnership with you and your team to come up with an innovative plan that works for you. Rest assured that we will accompany you every step of the way—from initial meeting to your grand opening—and you will always have personalized access to our reputed customer service.

What we do: cash wraps, kiosks, or any other structure that enhances the customer experience.

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