Here are Five Great Reasons for You to Adopt Acrylic in Your Next Merchandising Display Project


Plastics are generally appealing for their inherent feature of being easy to customize. Acrylic is no different when it comes to this. Customization is big feature in the retail space, and Acrylic offers the ability to achieve this with ease, making it one of the best materials out there regarding it customizability for visual merchandising.

Lightweight and Strong:

Acrylic is a lightweight material compared to other merchandising display materials, as a result, displays or fixtures made from Acrylic will be easy to transport and lift. Ultimately, this reduces any freight related costs.

High Impact Resistance:

When it comes to long lasting display fixtures, although lightweight, and very malleable, Acrylic is one of the toughest materials out there for display purposes. To put this into perspective, Acrylic can withstand up to 10 times the impact compared some other materials used for display and fixture purposes.

Low maintenance:

Merchandising displays generally require some level of care and maintenance to keep your display is top condition. However, acrylic does not require a lot of maintenance other than occasional cleaning.

Aesthetic Features:

Emotion drives the purchasing behaviors of customers, as a result in-store atmosphere could be the difference in the bottom line. Acrylic showcases contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a business. It can be used for various display projects ranging from very simple applications to the most complicated display applications.

DNS Industries offers a wide range of Acrylic showcases and fixtures that offer value to your business. With our excellent in-house design and production team, we will be here to walk you through every step of the way whenever you do decide to take on your next Acrylic display project.

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