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 A Journey of Design and Craftsmanship with DNS and BuildiT In the heart of Toronto’s bustling retail landscape, a new chapter unfolds for Herschel Supply Co., the Canadian brand that has become synonymous with quality, durability, and timeless style. The latest interior build-out, a collaboration between DNS and BuildiT, is a testament to Herschel’s commitment to creating spaces that are not just stores, but destinations that embody the brand’s ethos.

Herschel Supply Co., founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, has always been about more than backpacks and travel accessories; it’s about the experience of journey and discovery

This philosophy is vividly brought to life in their newest location, where every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the customer’s experience. DNS, a name that resonates with innovation in design, joined forces with BuildiT, known for their precision in construction, to create an interior that speaks to the adventurous spirit of Herschel’s clientele. The collaboration was a seamless fusion of creative vision and technical expertise, resulting in a space that is both functional and inspiring. The interior build-out reflects a design-driven approach, where the aesthetic appeal is matched by practicality. 

The store features custom fixtures that showcase Herschel’s range of products in a way that invites interaction and engagement. The use of natural materials, combined with modern design elements, creates an atmosphere that is both welcoming and contemporary. One of the standout features of the new space is the attention to detail in the display areas. DNS and BuildiT have crafted unique shelving units that not only highlight the products but also contribute to the overall narrative of the brand. The integration of lighting is particularly noteworthy, with strategic placement that accentuates the textures and colors of Herschel’s products, making them come alive. The collaboration between DNS and BuildiT is a reflection of Herschel’s dedication to community and craftsmanship. The store is not just a place to purchase a bag; it’s a space where customers can feel the passion and care that goes into every Herschel product. It’s a destination where the spirit of exploration is palpable, and the promise of adventure awaits. 

As Herschel Supply Co. continues to grow and evolve, the partnership with DNS and BuildiT stands as a beacon of design excellence and construction integrity. Together, they have created more than a store; they have constructed a haven for those who seek quality, function, and beauty in their travel companions. Visit the new Herschel Supply Co. store and embark on your next adventure with a piece of design and craftsmanship that tells a story as unique as your own. This blog post is inspired by the recent interior build-out of Herschel Supply Co.'s store, a collaborative effort by DNS and BuildiT. 

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