Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal


We recently finished creation of the elegant retail fixtures featured in the flagship store for Waterford Crystal.

Waterford, a leading luxury lifestyle brand, has opened it’s first store in over 20 years, and the first stand-alone store in North America, in Boston, Massachusetts. As the creator of world-class luxe gifts and home decor, it was imperative that Waterford’s retail store exemplified class, sophistication, and style.

DNS Industries was tasked with creating the beautiful store fixtures designed to showcase Waterford’s stunning crystal and glassware. The utmost care in quality and workmanship was of course paramount, to match the luxe branding and appeal of Waterford’s products.

In addition to showcasing the pristine fixtures created for the store (featured in the slider below) we also wanted to discuss our views on lean vs. batch manufacturing. This is an essential topic  and one that we feel defines companies within the retail fixture and display industry. We take great pride in the sui generis nature of our creations and we feel that this project is a prime example of the level of customization possible given our lean manufacturing approach.

DNS views each project as an individual entity and our designs take into account each company’s unique vision and the nature of the retail environment the project will be featured in. For example a high traffic, heavily handled outdoor display will require very different component materials than a low traffic, view only, indoor display. This is exactly why DNS believes that a one size fits all approach to design can backfire and that companies should avoid making use of leftover components that weren’t designed for the specific project at hand. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for companies to mass produce a basic component and then use these stock pieces as the core framework for subsequent projects.

We believe this approach sacrifices quality and longevity and puts profits before customer satisfaction. How can you create a captivating retail environment that captures the essence of a brand if you’re starting from stock pieces, originally created for different projects. Starting from a blank slate every time allows DNS to design and manufacture a custom display or fixture that is true to the initial vision and will facilitate customer interaction for years to come.

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