The Top 5 Retail Store Design Ideas

The Top 5 Retail Store Design Ideas

The moment customers step in to your shop, those first few seconds they take to look around their surroundings will decide whether they want to stay or not. This is why your retail store’s layout and design is a huge factor in getting those all important sales. Here are 5 tips to consider in your retail layout:

Have customers walk a well-thought path 

Having a well-thought out path can make a more pleasant visit to your store because the traffic is controlled and will immediately give off a zen-like ambiance to your shop. This approach also ensures that your products get maximum exposure. Make sure to reward your customers with attention grabbing displays as they follow the path you set for them.

                                                                                                                                                DNS Industries fixtures project for Coca-Cola

Paint an accent wall

Painting one side of your store to serve as an accent wall not only draws the eyes and attracts customers, it also makes your store look larger. Making an accent wall doesn’t always have to be painted, try putting bright colored or printed fabric or even wallpaper to achieve the same effect of a receding space. Match it with the rest of the store using neutral colors for furniture and flooring

                                                                                                                          DNS Industries fixtures project for Trina Turk – Miami location

Adjust your lighting 

Replacing your store’s light bulbs will immediately make a ton of difference to your store. For old retail shops, an upgrade of the lighting design can improve its overall look without having to cost so much. Consider re-purposing or recycling items to create interesting accents and highlights that will draw attention to your shop. In the photo above, the designer used old bike rims as a chandelier base.

                                                                                                                           DNS Industries fixtures project for Waterford – Boston location

Minimize Clutter by Choosing the Right Display

Don’t let bulky displays take up too much space in your shop. You can get creative with the right choice of products and unconventional containers to keep it interesting without too much clutter. Instead of displaying jewelry under the counter, for example, you can try hanging it up on a tiered hanging display. This also works well for optimizing vertical space.

                                         DNS Industries displays and fixtures for Adidas

Add Mirrors to Make a Store Feel Larger

When used correctly, mirrors can turn a somewhat limited space and make it look open and bigger. Consider setting up a large mirror by the window with proper angle to reflect the outdoor environment. You can also use mirrors to cover up shelf space and customers can use it to try on accessories.

                                                       DNS Industries fixtures project for Waterford – Boston location


Contact DNS Industries to discuss your retail goals. Our DNS Industries consultants are experts in the design and build of displays and can advise you on the best use of materials and product that represents your brand the way you envision.