Retail Details: Web Responsiveness, Branding and More

Retail Details: Web Responsiveness, Branding and More


Greetings retailers and welcome to another edition of Retail Details: Your one-stop source for all the latest tips, trends, and news in the world of retail. Today’s installment will feature the following: web responsiveness, tips for building a strong brand and 5 ways retailers are leaving money on the table.

1. The Importance of Web Responsiveness


There are more computers and mobile devices in the world than there are people. Technology today is one of the greatest drivers of purchasing decisions with a majority of people using smartphones and tablets to research and buy items. To match the ever-changing needs of smart technology and individual browsing preferences, websites need to be responsive, meeting new criteria for adaptability and user-friendly defaults


Navigation menus always need to be in the main view of the user, no matter the device being used. There are multitudes of visually appealing ways to show a link but these mean nothing if the menu requires the user to scroll down under the fold.

White Space

Dense use of text and images can be difficult to read, eroding your marketing message and decreasing customer experience. White space, the neutral areas between the text and images, makes it easier for users to read.

Call to Action

At their heart, websites are persuasive messages. They want the reader to do something, even if it is just to continue reading. As a persuasive tool, every site should be actionable


A company’s brand is its most important asset. London and Partners, an event site for the largest city in Europe, makes sure to have its branded images on every page of its site. This helps brand recognition as the responsive website is indexed on search engines.



2.5 Ways Retailers are Leaving Money on the Table

Shopping cart symbol inside a coffee cup by a calculator

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the revenue opportunities that many retailers aren’t taking advantage of. Before searching far and wide for new ways to increase customers and sales, make sure you’re capitalizing on factors that are closer to home.

  1. You don’t up-sell or cross-sell
  2. You don’t follow up on stock-outs, abandoned carts and “close calls” with buyers
  3. You’re not selling on other channels
  4. You don’t communicate with existing customers
  5. You are failing to take advantage of data

You’re leaving a lot of money on the table by not capitalizing on opportunities you already have. So before you go “out there” to search for ways boost revenue, re-examine your business and identify areas for growth that you aren’t taking full advantage of.


3. How to Build a Strong Brand in Retail

Retail is a tough business to crack. Not only is it a crowded space, but tons of products are commoditized, many shoppers seem to want the lowest price, and gaining customer loyalty is no piece of cake. But despite these challenges, several stores still manage to thrive. And some of them have secured such a loyal following that customers choose to buy from them despite cheaper alternatives.

In this post, we’ll dive into retail branding strategies that make you more memorable, increase loyalty, and set you apart from your competitors.

  • Relate better to your audience by humanizing your brand- your customers are people, and they want to interact with someone just like them. Interact with them like they’re a friend or person you genuinely value.
  • Wow your customers by optimizing your brand across touch points, NOT channels- Think about every interaction your customers have with your brand, be it in store, online, or in their homes – and see to it that every touch point is consistent with what your business stands for.
  • Be committed and customers will have your back- Don’t just tell people what your values are, show them (this can be done through initiatives you start, the people you hire, and the companies you do business with)
  • Involve your customers to get them invested in your brand– Keeping your customers involved can deepen your bond with them, people will feel more invested in your brand because they contributed to building it.
  • Tap into emotions to drive loyalty and sales- If you can strike an emotional connection with them, you stand a good chance of being their go-to brand.


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