Pause. Ease. Equalize. Rise. Go.

Pause. Ease. Equalize. Rise. Go.

Pause. Ease. Equalize. Rise. Go. The mantra one retailer is using as they focus reshaping Cannabis Culture.

The rapidly transforming Cannabis Industry has been extremely interesting to follow. The culture shift from “pothead” stigma towards social acceptance has been astonishing. Less than a decade ago, if someone mentioned “grabbing a dime bag” aka doing a pot transaction, the immediate perception was that person was inept, lazy, and failing at lift. The procurement process involved texting someone who knows someone that is somewhat ‘reliable’ and ultimately having a very sketchy experience.

For Cannabis, those days are long gone and retailers are entirely focused on “cannabis culture” and the in-store experience. Call the look “Modern Day apothecary”, Cannabis retail is now customer & experience -centric. Brands focused on the retail environment & the consumer will dominate the evolving cannabis industry.

Here are some photo’s of luxury Cannabis retail at its finest:






Photo of Deanna Garand, Store Manager at Tokyo Smoke cannabis store on McDermot Ave. for story on people buying cannabis for Christmas presents.
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Dec 18th, 2018