It might as well be Diamonds: Cannabis Retail Design

It might as well be Diamonds: Cannabis Retail Design

Article by: Tony Spagnolo, Vice President & Creative Director @ DNS Industries.

Over the last year I have been involved in the Cannabis Industry through my work as Creative Director for DNS Industries. Over the next several months I will be able to reveal some work we have completed.

The Cannabis industry in Canada, specifically Ontario will change dramatically this year as legislation evolves. I have to credit the industry for embracing design, specifically when it comes to the retail environment. Most stores pay close attention to the athletics, materials and overall experience. This is an industry that hasn’t existed before and is still challenged by the stigma and competes against a very active black market.

When I initially started working within the industry, I was impressed to see how much each brand embraced design. Each company had a very different way they wanted to sell, educate and merchandise, but with heavy legislation they all had to follow some important laws. The main challenge was that all product, even accessories could not be accessed by the customer.(laws vary by province). With this important detail, All fixtures were designed and manufactured with glass doors or in showcases, very similar to a jewelry store.

As a case study, I decided to design an store using some current market trends and follow the important guidelines.

I broke the store down into common fixtures used in retail design

  1. Cash/POS/ Desk with glass showcase
  2. Back Cash System for product distribution
  3. Wall Showcase for accessories/cannabis 2.0
  4. Showcase Tables
  5. Sensory tables /experience Wall
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I started off with a basic typical retail floor plan – a space approximately 20′ x 40′. I came up with a design theme I called Modern Deco and put together a materials board.

Materials Board for Concept Store by Conusltony

With the modern deco theme in mind, I started with a showcase table approximately 36″ x 36″ and quickly sketched out some ideas ( I quickly move to 3d cad for visualization for efficiency) While conceptualizing I had an idea on what to name the store, I kept on seeing the word “union” in the media because of the on-going teachers strike in Toronto. When I wrote down the word I liked the way it looked and the shape of the letters, using the century gothic font as a base I design a logo – I used the first “U” and then rotated it for the “n”- i completed the logo by adding a leaf design in the middle of the “O”. As this was intended to just be a mock store, I didn’t want to spend too much time on the logo, but I like the way it turned out.The arc at the top of the “n” inspired my design of the side wall showcases, its also a shape seen in art deco.

Union Cannabis Concept by Consultony

With my table and wall designed, I layed out the space using my floor plan sketch, I then adjusted materials and colours. I spent some time adjusting materials. I think the result is an elevated space that could be used for cannabis, jewelry, fashion or even hospitality’

Concept Store by Consultony

If your looking for retail design for any industry, please me,  Tony – [email protected] I’m a passionate designer with over 20 years experience.

DNS Industries is a retail design and manufacturing company located in Concord Ontario.