Highlighting The Value Of End Caps And POP Displays

Highlighting The Value Of End Caps And POP Displays

The Value of End Caps and POP displays

Have you ever walked into a store and wondered how much value do end caps have? End caps are more than just a merchandising tool that highlights a brands latest product or promotion, they are proven to increase revenue but capitalizing on shopper’s impulse buys and increase brand recognition. End caps can be positioned in anyplace throughout the retail store, or at the end of long shelving fixtures. They can also be made of cardboard, steel, or other materials, depending on what you’re selling.

Highlight a featured product

With so many other brands and products in retail stores, end caps provide the brand an opportunity to highlight their product without risking the item being lost among the other brands. The advertised product stands out when an end cap is designed for the specific target market, thereby attracting attention which will help increase sales. The top section of the end cap establishes the theme of the display. This is achieved by creating a clear value proposition that will increase footfall towards the display, as well as understand what design and colors should be used to attract the customer’s attention.

Encourage shoppers to browse adjacent aisles

Step into any retail store that has end caps and you will notice that some of them are positioned in between aisles. The strategic placement of the end cap is to attract the attention of passerby shoppers and encourages them to look at products in the adjacent aisles of the display.

Capitalize on impulse purchases

End caps are known to successfully increase the attention of the customer when it comes to a shopper’s impulse buy. Retailers can take advantage of impulse buys by placing endcaps near cash desks, especially when the que is long, as it gives the shopper something to do while they wait in line. The middle of the display is where most of the user engagement happens, so it’s important that the brand promoting the product

Increase brand recognition

Brand recognition and awareness become obvious when your product is on a display without the distracting of other competitor brands placed beside them. It helps you set your product apart and highlights the benefit

The purpose of the bottom end cap is to place extra product for easy replenishment, but in some cases, the bottom of the end cap displays can be used as an interactive

Now that you know how valuable end caps can be for a retailer, here are a few tips when deciding what kind of items to place in your POP display:

  • Go with affordably-priced items that are a bit smaller in size.
  • Ideally, these are the kind of products you just “toss in” your cart at the last second.
  • Consider running a special promotion on your POP display items, as this will make shoppers even more likely to buy.
  • Finally, remember to place displays as close to eye-level as possible!

Before deciding on what type of POP display you are looking for, contact DNS Industries to discuss your retail goals. Our DNS consultants are experts in the design and build of displays and can advise you on the best use of materials and product that represents your brand the way you envision.