Choosing The Right Point-Of-Purchase Display Marketing: A Quick Guide

Choosing The Right Point-Of-Purchase Display Marketing: A Quick Guide

There are a variety of POP displays retailers can choose from such as; counter displays, cardboard floor displays, pallet displays, retail/display signage, end cap displays, brochure holders and literature displays, and more. In addition to the display type, you also have to consider the type of material that is most suitable for what you are trying to promote, whether it should be made from acrylic, metal or cardboard displays.

Semi-permanent Displays:

Semi-permanent displays, also known as off-shelf or secondary displays are usually designed to last a few months and can be constructed from materials including acrylic, durable cardboard, glass, styrene, metal, and wood. These types of displays can last anywhere from 3 months to a year and are usually designed to hold several different products from the same manufacturer, which reduces replacement costs. Retailers prefer the use of semi-permanent displays when they are planning a short promotion, new product introductions, or seasonal product promotions.

Telus - 3D Avatar - Human Digitizer

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DNS Industries manufactured Telus' semi-permanent display for their 3D Avatar - Human Digitizer campaign


Permanent Displays

A permanent display is designed to last anywhere from one to three years. While these aren’t as common as other displays, these displays are usually located in brick and mortar stores or large department stores.  While they do have the highest upfront and maintenance costs, if the permanent displays are designed, constructed, and implemented well, they can bring excellent returns on investment. They are also are typically made from very durable materials such as glass, plastic, metal and wood, and only an option for major brands.

Q&S Shoes

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DNS Industries knows the importance of designing and building fixtures that represents the brand.


Before deciding on what type of POP display you are looking for, contact DNS Industries to discuss your retail goals. Our DNS consultants are experts in the design and build of displays and can advise you on the best use of materials and product that represents your brand the way you envision.