Octopus Display

Creating sanitization stations for public health

The Challenge

As the Ontario government began to implement health and safety regulations in early 2020 to help combat the spread of COVID-19, businesses needed quick and effective solutions to keep staff and clients safe. Brands wanted to ensure they were being compliant, maintain their retail aesthetic, and provide access to sanitation products in a convenient and professional way. To assist becoming compliant, DNS and Octopus Display partnered together to develop a sanitization station that worked within retail settings,

The Solution

DNS was able to quickly assess the specific sanitation guidelines required and get to work developing simple, cost-effective sanitation stations, that included the physical station and sanitizer refill bottles to help businesses ensure they were compliant. These were fully customizable to fit each client’s needs and available space, as well as professionally designed, produced, and branded to ensure the store’s aesthetic remained seamless and professional.

The Partnership

DNS worked in close collaboration with Octopus Display to come up with a complete dispenser solution within just a few weeks. This partnership enabled stores to remain open with all guidelines in place, and the quick production turnaround time allowed us to keep up with growing demand. This collaboration also enabled the production of customized displays for large brands like Scotiabank, which required sanitization solutions for their many locations.

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