Retail Details: Global Trends, Sensory Marketing, and More

Retail Details: Global Trends, Sensory Marketing, and More

Set of senses icons on white square cards depicting the five human senses of sight smell touch hearing and taste pinned to a board vector illustration

Hello retailers and welcome to another edition of Retail Details: Your one-stop source for all the latest tips, trends, and news in the world of retail. Today’s installment will feature an in-depth analysis of recent industry trends, A look at sensory marketing, and 8 ways you can optimize the power of POS. Cheers!

I. 4 Global Trends in Retail Manufacturer E-commerce

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Retailers and retail manufacturers who are looking for new customers should look beyond their comfort zones and utilize e-commerce websites to expand into international markets. Retail merchandiser examined data generated by over 1,000 localized websites and came up with these 4 noteworthy trends.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Means More Sales– Following the new changes Google made to its search algorithm last April, author Charles Whiteman analyzed the impact of the update on 40 of his clients localized sites. He found that companies that operated mobile unfriendly websites in international markets generated far less organic traffic – some nearly 40%.
  2. Social is E-Commerce Catnip– The successful leveraging of social networks in your global marketing and retail efforts is extremely important with the increasing level of empowerment of global consumers to recommend any product through social media.
  3. One Site Can Serve Many Markets– Localized websites don’t just generate traffic and sales from target market residents, consumers living beyond these markets also visit and shop on these sites, presenting an opportunity to connect with even more potential customers, at no additional cost.
  4. Optimization Technologies Help Win Markets– Recent breakthroughs in the website localization industry have led to affordable optimization tools that can generate more traffic, engagement and conversion.

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II. How Sensory Marketing Entices the Senses

Set of senses icons on white square cards depicting the five human senses of sight smell touch hearing and taste pinned to a board vector illustration

Sensory marketing has been around for decades, however the varied targeting of all five senses in sensory marketing has become very popular over the last couple years. A key reason for the success of sensory marketing is the fact that consumers love stuff that’s new, different, exciting, and innovative. A report done by technomic consumer flavor indicated that 53 percent of consumers say “new and unique flavors” affect their decision on where to eat. The incorporation of multi-sensory elements into marketing tools has become very popular recently, as it is used to send signals that the brain converts into buying impulses.

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III. 8 Ways to Unlock the Power of POS

POS systems can offer retailers many benefits, including completing transactions, managing inventory and operating efficiency. When looking at options, merchants should carefully consider these eight following factors.

  1. Flexibility– A business with complex and/or multiple types of transactions will need a versatile POS platform.
  2. Order Volume– A high order volume and multiple sales channels will require a sophisticated system.
  3. Scalability– Make sure your POS can scale with your business.
  4. Payment Types– More POS sophistication is needed for companies that accept credit cards, gift cards value cards, etc.
  5. Mobile Needs– Do you need a counter-only system or need to support mobile access?
  6. Server or Cloud Based– Your software can be hosted in different ways depending on your software needs.
  7. Usability– Most mid-sized retailers don’t have a lot of IT experts at their disposal so it is important to find a POS system that is easy to use.
  8. Stability– It is important to find a POS provider with an established and proven track record.

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Thank you for reading another issue of Retail Details! We created this series to provide key insights on the world of retail and help every retailer from small to large be at its best. For more tips, tricks, and trends, sign up for our Newsletter and connect with us on LinkedIn & Pinterest.

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