Retail Details: Click & Collect, Sharing Economy, and More

Retail Details: Click & Collect, Sharing Economy, and More

click and collect

Hello retailers and welcome back for another edition of Retail Details: Your one-stop source for all the latest tips, trends, and news in the world of retail. This installment features a few treats for all of you retail innovators and futurists. Are showrooming and webrooming simply buzzwords or is traditional brick-and-mortar retail coming to an end? See if it’s time for your business to adopt a “Click & Collect” model. With the growth of companies like Uber and Airbnb, learn how your business can not only adapt but capitalize from the sharing economy. Despite all of the “tech talk”, we haven’t forgotten about you in-store strategists; read on for some great pieces on digital signage and  store lighting.


I. The Future of Click & Collect

click and collect

Speed, Convenience, Reliability  – All Reasons to Love Click & Collect.

Two of the key barriers to shopping online are the cost of delivery, and customers being deterred by inconvenient delivery times. Click & Collect helps to combat both of those concerns. It’s an exciting delivery proposition that benefits both customers and retailers alike. If industry forecasts are anything to go by, Click & Collect is expected see explosive growth between now and 2017, with retailers of all sizes, looking to take advantage of this great delivery proposition. The growth is expected to be driven by continued roll-out of in-store collection, as well as alternative pick-up points, such as lockers, drive-thru collection points, etc.

II. Disregard Webrooming & Showrooming – It’s Simply Shopping


Webrooming may be the New Means, but Shopping is still the End.

The consumer shopping landscape is rapidly changing with the adoption of more and more mobile users. The technology gives shoppers the power to control when and where they make a retail purchase, and on what device. It turns out that mobile is not a threat to physical stores, rather, it is a compliment. As consumers embrace new technologies and the shopping experience becomes more digitally integrated, brick-and- mortar retailers have the opportunity to capture more sales, regardless of whether their customers are webrooming or showrooming before they purchase. It’s become the new way of simply “shopping”.

III. ‘Retail Prophet’ Doug Stevens Says Retailers Must Embare Sharing Economy

sharing economy

Don’t Fear Change – Change Fear by Embracing the Sharing Economy.

With many Toronto councillors hell-bent on perpetual war with Uber and U.S. presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton recently speaking out against the sharing economy, it seems that politicians share many big retailers’ fears that the sharing economy is a threat to the status quo. But Doug Stephens, founder of and a retail industry futurist, spoke with Ben Myers from Dx3 to talk about how retailers should instead see it as an opportunity. “It means getting beyond their paradigms today that say ‘We are a brand that sells our own products and we sell them to end users that will take our product home and own them’,” Stephens said. “They need to recognize that people are looking for utility now.”

IV. Beacons and Digital Signage: The New Power Couple in Brand Advertising

digital signage

Learn why Beacons and Digital Signage are Signs of the Near Future.

With the evolution of the role of a mobile device in a customer’s purchase journey, digital signage has grown from merely replacing posters with LCD screens into being a core component of a sound marketing strategy. And going ahead, brands looking to improve their merchandising and promotional effectiveness will leverage innovative digital signage solutions to deliver relevant content directly to customers at the purchase points  which in turn will contribute to revenue growth.

V. Specialty Store Lights Should Offer Drama and Excitement

retail lighting

Brighten your Customer Shopping Experience with Lighting.

Specialty store lights should add drama and excitement to the customer shopping experience in order to boost sales by attracting and intriguing the target market. Lighting is an effective marketing tool. If you have a specialty store, you can expect your target market to respond favorably to lighting that enhances their shopping style.

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