Retail Details: A Canada Day Special

Retail Details: A Canada Day Special


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Welcome to a special Canadian edition of Retail Details: Your one-stop source for all the latest tips, trends, and news in the world of retail. In honor of Canada Day, this installment features articles about some of your favourite Canadian retailers! We begin with Indigo’s predictions for a brick and mortar renaissance, followed by an inside look at the renovation plans for Hudson’s Bay. To cap off our northern tribute, we share some of lessons from Target’s failed expansion and how it reflects the state of big box retail in Canada.


I. Indigo CEO: We are on the Cusp of a Brick and Mortar Renaissance

Heather Reisman

Despite the glut of store closures, downsizings and outright failures in the retail market, Heather Reisman sees a coming retail renaissance for the bricks and mortar stores that remain enticing enough to keep customers coming through their doors.

II. Hudson’s Bay Initiates Unprecedented Store Renovations

hudson's bay renovations

Hudson’s Bay has embarked on several ambitious store renovations, reflecting the retailer’s new aesthetic standards. The Toronto flagship will act as a prototype of sorts, with recently completed interiors setting the standard for future store upgrades.

III. Is it the End of Big Box?

target canada closure

Given the pace of its entry and then exit from Canada along with the court filing for creditor protection, Target casting a shadow over retail in the first half of 2015 was no surprise. Its exit also opened up nearly 10 per cent of large retail space in the country.


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