Notable Projects

DNS Industries we are more than a design and build company, we are your partner in retail.

We work closely with all of our clients and provide them custom-tailored solutions that meet their requirements and budget for total store solutions, interactive kiosks, POP & POS, fixtures or displays.

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Client Objective 

To create a new light-weight, but durable version of the itsme3d photo rig.  In addition to decreasing the weight of the photo rig, it was important to maintain rigidity throughout the booth to ensure proper camera alignment. DNS was tasked to reduce the weight, assembly time, tear down time and set-up of the electronics.


The DNS Difference

As a result of using lightweight material (no heavy metals), an efficient fastening system and industry manufacturing practices, DNS successfully manufactured a photo rig that reduced the assembly, teardown and configuration time by 45%! The assembly process for the photo rig was significantly simplified. DNS designed a simple and efficient camera column mounting system that allowed the client to pre-wire, pre-attach and transport each column fully configured while ensuring protection from any potential damages. By using a heat bending method, DNS produced 10 columns, each consisting of 7 very specific camera angles and was able to replicate the process as per client needs.  


Telus - Itsme3d Campaign Telus - Itsme3d Campaign Telus - Itsme3d Campaign Telus - Itsme3d Campaign
Home Depot End Cap - Display
Fixt Wireless - Fixtures