Retail Details: An Inconvenient Retail Truth, Managing the Switch to EMV, and More

Thanks for coming back for another edition of Retail Details: Your one-stop source for all the latest tips, trends, and news in the world of retail. In today's installment, we discuss the harsh realities of retail mistakes, share some tips on how to manage US's new EMV payment standard, and cap things off with the best practices to orchestrate journeys for today's consumer. (more…)

Retail Details: The Rebirth of Shopping Malls, Brick vs. Click, and More

Welcome back to another edition of Retail Details: Your one-stop source for all the latest tips, trends, and news in the world of retail. Today's installment promises to give you tons of insightful information regarding the rebirth of the American shopping mall, the growing battle of 'Brick vs. Click', and the value of retail experience on a resume. (more…)

A 4-Step Guide to Building the Perfect POS Solution

In today’s blog, we take a look at the 4 keys to perfecting your point-of-sale solution, as presented by Ingram Micro Advisor. "Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it." That may have been true for the Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali, but when it comes to satisfying your customers, you want to recommend systems that provide a custom…

The Selling Power of Retail Fixtures

Here is an excellent article by Jerry Barczyk discussing three great tips for choosing customer friendly fixtures. This article really resonates with us because it discusses the importance of ensuring there is a strong synergy between the fixture, what it is displaying and tastes of the intended consumer. As manufactures of custom retail displays and fixtures we believe it is essential to…

Three Critical Retail Display Secrets

Here is a great article by Jennifer Flagg detailing the three most important retail display secrets behind a successful retail environment In today’s visually stimulated world, where competition for the customer’s attention and money has become fierce, learning to transform a retail environment into an appealing and stimulating platform for shopping is vital to any business, big or small. Good retail…

First Impressions Count

Here is a succinct article from Elle Smith detailing the importance of effective advertising for small businesses. Although DNS specializes in the creation of retail environments and as such usually focuses on the interior of a store, we do have the expertise and experience to integrate custom signage into a stores promotional efforts if needed. (more…)